Hi! I’m Ashley the interior designer behind Schoolside Design. Currently, I am renovating/remodeling our 1980’s home while sharing with you how you too can tackle similar projects on a budget, friendly to most. I share a mix of larger renovations, fun DIY projects, decorating and style advice, and different ways to update your space whether on a very tight budget or one with more room for larger items. I do my best to document the process and encourage those to trust themselves to take them on too!

My style is very coastal, with touches of farmhouse and modern esthetics, you’ll find my page to be light, airy and welcoming. I showcase my family (3 kids under 7 along with our 3 dogs) within my Instagram stories, and encourage my readers that a beautiful home filled with light colors can happen with all the extras of life! I work very hard to inspire you and give you the best resources to have a beautiful home of your own!