eDesign Services

Who is eDesign for?

Its here for everyone and for all different projects!

Edesign is exactly what it sounds like, an interior design service that is offered online. This service is perfect for those who are looking for designer expertise and direction in their space.

The process is simple, we will discuss through email, phone or facetime what you envision for your space, what your general design style is and the budget you have in mind. I always encourage you to send along photos and inspiration from either things in your home or Pinterest. We will also discuss the hard details of your space size and limitations.

With eDesign you have the ability to take your time to do each space, I will provide you with an itemized shopping list, and those items can be purchased as your budget allows.

Lets work together to create a space that you feel is YOU and makes you truly love your home.


I provide a flat rate fee per room, and can offer a discount when adding multiple rooms to one project.

Lets Chat and Create the Home you Envisioned!

To get started simply click the letter icon at the top right corner of the page, or shoot me an email [email protected].

Excited to work with you!