High End Looking Throw Pillows for Less!

March 30, 2021

I wanted to share some great pillow finds that I found on Etsy.  I have to say I am a huge fan of the style and colors that Serena and Lily have for pillows, however the price of their pillows can be a little steep.

Sometimes sourcing pillows can be hard, so it’s nice to see which ones pair well with others. I have rounded up a great group of pillows, and styled some together as I would in a space.

Sticking to a few basic rules can really remove the stress that comes with figuring out what would look best.

To start, the size of the pillows should always vary.  I always suggest having the back pillow be between 22”-24” in size, this way it acts as the anchor for the grouping. 

For a grouping of 2 pillows another square pillow between 18”- 20” would be perfect. At times I like to add a lumbar in front of the anchor pillow.

When doing a group of 3 you can add a lumbar to the mix of the anchor pillow and a 18″-20″ square or you could do 2 square pillows at 18”-20” with a larger anchor pillow.

Next, it is important to have the right patterning down.  There are a couple basic things to follow.

  1. The large back pillow to be a print paired with  two neutrals (if grouping three pillows).
  2. A solid as the main pillow, a pattern and a geometric print.  If grouping two pillows I would stick with the solid as the main pillow and add either a pattern or a geometric print.

Here are some pillow combinations I styled with the ones I sourced above! There are so many different combinations you could do with these ones!

The Importance of Pillow Inserts

In order to really make the pillows look high end and designer is not only selecting the right patterning and grouping, but also the right INSERT! You can have beautiful pillow covers, but with the wrong size insert or the wrong fill they will not sit nicely in your space.

My favorite go to inserts for square pillows are these ones. The down fill is what gives them the ability to get that great “chopped” look.

My favorite go to inserts for a lumbar pillow are these ones. Again they are also down filled.

The key to getting the right look is not only with the right insert, but also with the right size. You always want to make sure the pillow insert is bigger than the actual pillow cover you are ordering. Here I have created a simple image to show what size insert to buy with the specific pillow cover size.

I hope you found this helpful! Make sure to save it to your boards so that you can reference back at a later date!


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