The Most Loved Blue Hutch – All the Color Details Spilled!

June 2, 2021

If you’ve been following me for a while, or if you are new here it is easy to see that one of the most loved pieces in my home is my blue arch hutch.  It is also one of the number 1 questions that I receive in my DM’s is WHAT COLOR IS THAT!??! 

As I have mentioned before the color was a random one that I had poured off of several different samples.  I tend to do that if I am not loving one particular color. I’ll change up samples by pouring some into a cup and seeing what color they produce.

That is exactly what happened with the hutch, my favorite mix job to date!

Here is the top of the Home Depot paint can with the coding for the color, if you want the exact color maybe try bringing the image to Home Depot and see if they can recreate it.

Here is the top of the Benjamin Moore paint can, maybe they can replicate this at any Benjamin Moore location.

I have this paint color used on three different pieces in my home, the Arch Hutch, my kitchen pantry doors and now my new dresser that I just refurbished!

Thankfully, when I was re-doing the dresser that lives now on my porch I was debating between Anchors Aweigh, which is a really deep navy, or my favorite Blue Hutch color.  The blue hutch won out, as my best friend said to me, that color just speaks home.  And it does.  

So, I painted a sample swatch onto a piece of wood and took it over to my local hardware store that sells Benjamin Moore paint, he was so kind to help me figure out what colors of the Benjamin Moore line the blue was related to.

These were the top 3 colors that he said were closely related to the color of the Blue Hutch,  I had a sample swatch of a Sherwin Williams color that also seemed to fit well in the group.  

Sherwin Williams: Meditative SW6227

Benjamin Moore Colors: Amsterdam AF-550, Labrador Blue 1670, Polaris Blue 1649

I really hope this was helpful.  I absolutely love the color, it truly is the perfect blue tone with no undertones of purple or green.  It gives off such a coastal vibe and always gives the pieces I paint with it the extra umph they are needing!

So if you have a piece you want to be a statement get yourself this paint color!

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