Home Decor Styling Pieces: All from Amazon!

September 28, 2020

Amazon is a great place to source incredible home decor pieces. The home decor finds below are all budget friendly and versatile for all different home decor styles.

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Home Decor Coffee Table Books

I need to get my hands on the Gray Malin coffee table books. The photos are absolutely incredible, ones you get lost in. In addition to having stunning images inside, each cover can be a statement on a shelf!

I already have the Surf Shack book! It is for sure one of my favorites to style with, and who doesn’t need a book on organization.

Surf Shack Book, Gray Malin Escape, Gray Malin Beaches, Beautifully Organized

Home Decor Trays, Planters and Vases

I love these two wood trays! These are great on a coffee table and filling them with different accent pieces!

The hob nob planters just stole my heart! You can fill these with some faux plants! Adding in some real ones too (making sure there is enough drainage for real plants). Styling these on shelves or even a center piece on a table. Another great piece for a table or shelf are the seagrass planters. I snagged these and use them on the shelf in my kiddos bathroom! I just have a faux plant from Target inside.

Ginger jars have made a huge comeback and I am here for it! I love the blues and whites! Fill these with some fresh flowers. You can put them it in the center of your island or on the side of a console table. They are a very versatile piece!

Gray Wood Tray, Light Wood Tray, Hob Nob Planter Set, Seagrass Basket Set, Blue Ginger Jar, Blue Votive with Wood Tray Set

Home Decor Styling Pieces for Shelves and Tables

It’s always important to have versatile pieces that can be used throughout the year.

A few of my favorite styling pieces are the decor beads. Hence why I have so many different styles and types in my home. I typically style them over the top of a book or draping them in a bowl. Another favorite of mine are stacking boxes or trinket bowls. You can place either on a shelf or paired with other items. They can be stacked or set next to another.

I feel if you have a coastal decor, a grape vine is a must for styling. It can stand alone and make a statement, on a shelf or even on the bottom of a coffee table.

Seagrass Lid 3 Set, Nautical Rope Bookend, Marble Bookend, Shell Decor Piece, Bee Lid Trinket Box, Glass Decor Beads, Wood Decor Beads, Brass Glass Box, Grape Vine

Another great styling piece that I love to use are decor beads. These can add so much to a tray or just draped over a stack of books. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Large Recycled Glass Decor Beads, White Bone Beads, Saucer White Bone Beads, Jumbo Glass Beads

Picture Frames

A go to for all shelf styling is to add some picture frames amongst all the decor pieces. You do not need to fill them with family photos if you don’t want to. Its nice to add a mix of family and prints that suit your style. Another place to style frames is placed on a small stack of books and paired with a small candle.

Scallop Bone Frame, Wood and Bone Frame, Wood Picture Frames

I hope that you found this helpful and that you spruce up your own space! These are pieces that will grow with your style and make your home stand out!


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