How to Incorporate the Color of the Year – SW Upward

February 1, 2024

This years color of the year is Upward by Sherwin Williams hits home! It is a timeless soft blue-gray which strongly speaks to the coastal aesthetic. Looking around my home you can easily see colors that are similar to Upward, I am excited to add more touches!

The best part about this particular color is that it has no true undertones. In some cases, a color that is a blue-gray might have a violet undertone. Whereas others could lean more towards the green scale with greens as its base.

Upward is free of both and has a NEUTRAL undertone, so its a true blue-gray color. How amazing is that!

What are Colors that Pair well with “Upward” the Color of the Year

Finding a cohesive color pallet that can work across an entire space can be difficult. Here I have rounded up a grouping of color tones that would pair well with this soft blue-gray. Let me show you how to easily incorporate these colors in a space. Through wall color, accent pieces, textiles pieces (blankets and throw pillows) and other textural items.

Here is a round up of different colors that pair really well with Upward.

It can be challenging at times to try and pull a space together. Let’s break down each of these colors and how you could pull them into a room. Here is a bedroom design board incorporating all the varying colors and how all together they make one cohesive look. By clicking the image you can find all the sources used in this board.

This bedroom design plan incorporates all the coordinating colors that work with Upward, in different capacities. For the main accent wall color, we used “Upward”, this is the foundation of the space. We also added in a lounger with a gingham print lending to the Upward color.

We incorporated the other accent colors through various objects and textures.

Lets Break Down the Bedroom Design Board

Sherwin Williams Drift Mist was incorporated using the tones of the natural color rug and light toned nightstands.

Incorporating Sherwin Williams Gale Force was done by adding in a dark tone throw blanket and accent pillow to the lounger.

Sherwin Williams Aquarium Brown was added into the space through the tones of the metals, here the chandelier as well as the nightstand pulls/knobs carry this color into the space.

Incorporating a green tone in a space is always a good idea, and definitely grounds a room. For Sherwin Williams Palm Leaf, we added in a bench which was covered in a fabric that resembles this color tone. Similarly we added in some greenery for Sherwin Williams Honeydew through faux plants and decorative objects.

This is one way that you can use Upward in a space, which is having the color be the main focal point, while balancing it with other coordinating pieces in different color tones.

DIY Projects and Accent Pieces – Other Areas to Incorporate the Color of the Year

A more simple way to add Upward to your home would be through agent pieces or simple DIY projects. There are different fabrics that have a color tone of Upward, like the one pictured above. You can purchase this fabric and follow my “How to Cover Your Target Ottoman” tutorial to bring this color into a space.

Another way to incorporate the color is by adding in some DIY, like painting a picture frame, or an old serving tray. You could even thrift an old piece of furniture and upcycle it by painting it! This would be an easy way to bring change to a space, upcycle a piece and incorporate the new color!

Color is a Choice

In conclusion, the paint color of the year is not just a choice; it’s an invitation to reimagine and refresh our living spaces. Whether you embrace it fully or incorporate subtle accents, the color of the year opens doors to a world of possibilities. So, let your creativity flow, and paint a vibrant story within the walls of your home.

Remember, trends may come and go, but the essence of great design is making it uniquely yours. Happy painting!

Let me know what you think of the new color and if you will incorporate it into your home! I know I can’t wait to start painting pieces and adding it in, so stay tuned on that!


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