The Best Cover for Your Ikea Living Room Furniture

October 20, 2022

A Comfort Works Living Room Cover Review

It has been about about a year since I added a slipcover to my living room furniture. I chose to cover the sectional with a cover from Comfort Works, and here I want to give my honest review of their products.

Here you can see some images of my living room furniture with the two different covers. The first is from their performance line and the second is their Comfort Chenille line. Both are absolutely perfect. The comfort level to both are amazing, the chenille fabric is extremely soft. It makes lounging so much nicer than the traditional cotton covers that Ikea sells.

I went with the Stone color in the performance and I detailed all about this cover here in this post. Below are some additional photos of that cover on our sectional.

Comfort Chenille Couch Cover Review

The performance cover was on the sectional for about a year, and I have to say if you have young kids, pets, a large family or just are heavy users of your furniture I would highly recommend the performance!

I changed to the comfort chenille as I wanted to change the color of the sectional and the overall feel of the space.

Is the Comfort Chenille Durable?

I wasn’t exactly sure how the chenille would hold up to my family and the constant action that happens on this couch.

But it’s actually been incredible.

It cleans up very similar to the performance. The only difference that I see is that if a liquid is dropped on the couch, it does not pool up like the performance does. However, that is to be expected as this particular cover wasn’t made that way.

However, I have to say we have spilled lots of drinks. Wiped lots of Cheeto dusted fingers and indulged in many chocolate ice cream bars on this cover, and even with messes it truly cleans up so easily.

I actually have their brushed cotton cover on my Jennylund chairs throughout my house. The cotton that they carry is significantly higher quality than that of the Ikea line. Its more durable and you can feel how much softer the overall fabric is.

Overall, I will continue to be purchasing my covers for the Ikea pieces in my home. They have held up to my three kids, three dogs and the countless parties that we host in this house. I never ever worry about them staining as they are very durable and so easy to slip on and off to wash.

Check them out here! Im telling you, you won’t be sorry!

You won’t be sorry, and your Ikea pieces will thank you!


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