The Best Amazon Summer Essentials

June 4, 2021

The weather here in CT is finally starting to turn to true summer weather, we rarely have a spring it typically goes from 60 and rainy to 90 and humid. Jealous of all of you who get the constant experience of that perfect San Diego weather!

With most of us feeling the summer vibes I figured it was a good time to round up some of my summer essentials. Ones that I am buying for myself as well as filling the teacher bag at the end of the year, because lets be real these teachers deserve some goodies!

These are definitely items that are good for the beach, pool, lake or even days at the park.

The Much Needed Sun Protection

To start we all need some good sun protection! I am loving this wide brim straw hat, would look so good with any summer outfit.

This umbrella is so chic, and would be so fun on the beach or even pool side! I love the fringe detail!

The True MVP for Summer, the Drink Holders!

Truthfully, I use my koozies all year long, I am one that does not drink my drinks fast enough and they typically get warm, which is gross! So I always travel with my slim can or wine koozie just to be safe! These are definitely a must for all summer events, beach, pool, park anywhere at home where the kids are hahaha

Those koozies definitely need a spot to rested, I just purchased these sand coasters! A set of 4 for $17! I didn’t have them last year and I just dug a hole in the sand, but I would always end up with sand IN my drink. Total fail. Lol

Another must for the summer is a great cooler, this one has over 7,000 reviews and is a GREAT price point! You truly can’t beat it and its definitely a must have for all summer events!

Must Haves for the Kids!

Some of these finds are genius and one of those “Why didn’t I think of that???”, but thank goodness for those that have it in them to solve our kids first world problems, like popsicle juice on their hands or the ice pop being too cold. Mine are all guilty of this!

These stick popsicle holders are genius, I actually already own these and use them all the time! This is how my kids are allowed to eat their pops on our couch, so far we have had little to no catastrophes….. *as I knock on wood*.

And I really hope I am not alone with kids complaining that the popsicle is too cold on their hands, normally I would just wrap it in their towel, but I think these sleeves are so fun!!

Pool/Sand/Park Essentials

Lastly, I rounded up some essentials for the park or the beach. I ordered myself this sand resistant beach blanket, because lets be real, no kid EVER listens when you say “DON’T STEP ON THE BLANKET”, sure enough their sanded wet feet are ALL OVER IT! So this is a MUST in my book!

Another set I ordered was this great set of 3 mesh beach bags. I always end up throwing the sand toys into my bag, ultimately filling my nice bag full of gross wet sand. These are going to be great, plus it gives the kids something to carry to, they can even throw their towels in the bags!

Last must for the summer are some good pool or beach floats! I love that these hammock floats can be used in so many different ways. I think the kids will love them too!

I hope you found this helpful! I can’t wait to put the ones I bought to use!


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