DIY Canvas Art

June 11, 2020

This week I tackled a project I have never done, but has been on my mind! I painted my first ever canvas, and I am going to breakdown how I went about it as best I can here!

My favorite painting in my home is one that I picked up at Home Goods, the colors and size just fit my home and style so well! I get so many messages asking for a link or to find one similar, and I have struggled to do so. Unfortunately, there is no name on the piece so I can’t even search for an artist.

Since I love it so much, it was my inspiration for creating my first ever canvas.

Here is a picture of my inspiration piece, I hope you can see why I love it so much! I really took a close look at the colors to gather all the supplies I needed to recreate it.

Below is a list of all the materials I gathered and links to each. I chose to paint this on a 48″ x 36″ canvas, as it was the perfect fit for the area I wanted it for. I also used some paper plates I had lying around the house.

The paint brush set I used had many different types and sizes and I actually used quite a bit of the different ones. Considering this was my first time, I really explored each, and how the paint applied to the canvas.

I started with mixing the navy blue and midnight blue paint with a little bit of black, to achieve that dark blue area in my inspiration piece. Here is a picture of the plate I used for this section.

I also used the Pale blue, grey and sky blue to get some lighter tones as I worked my way away from the darker section.

Once I had was happy with darker blue area, I started to work my way out with the lighter blues, and blues with green undertones. For this I used white, dark green, navy blue, pale blue and turquoise waters.

I also found applying it with a 2″ chip brush, which came in the set, helped to spread it in a wider area and give some wispy motion.

As I added these colors to the canvas, I also started to mix up the mustard yellow, with some of the white to achieve the lighter section in my inspiration piece.

Around the yellow parts are lighter tone blues and greens, so I used the pale blue, green and good amounts of white to get some of the lighter tones.

I also added the sky blue and white, as well as turquoise and white to get some other lighter tone colors.

Here are some videos of me painting my piece, I recorded them with time-lapse, but you can get the idea.

Here is the finished product, it did not turn out identical to my inspiration, but I was proud of my first painting! I was happy that I was able to achieve some of the colors!

I hope that you found this helpful, and that its given you the courage to try painting a canvas yourself!

If you have any questions just leave a comment or check out my Instagram and shoot me a DM!

xo, Ashley


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