Rast Ikea Hack

June 30, 2020

I believe most of us can say that we have shopped at IKEA, and most have hacked a piece or two. Here I am going to show you how I turned a $40 IKEA dresser into a higher end looking piece.

This is the cabinet from IKEA, its just a basic pine cabinet, and I find it is great to be used as a nightstand.

RAST Dresser

Here is a list of the products that I used to complete this project.

First you will need to build the cabinet from IKEA, I know some really hate to do this, but it wasn’t difficult. I just followed the instructions step by step and made sure to have my drill!

I left the knobs off as I made my own out of the wooden dowel and the pipe straps, you’ll see that later.

Once I got the cabinet built, I brought it down stairs and cut each of the lattice molding pieces to fit each of the drawer fronts.

I made the top portions of the drawer longer than the side, as you can see below. I then used Gorilla glue to attach each piece. Unfortunately I did not capture this on video, however it is document in my highlight on my Instagram page @schoolsidedesign.

Once each of the wood pieces were attached to the dresser, I then used my Behr paint to paint the whole piece white, you can obviously choose any color for your piece. I find it best to get a 1/4″ nap roller to paint the top, sides and front of the dresser, and for the molding pieces I used a short angle brush.

Now that the cabinet was painted, I let it dry and moved onto the handles I was going to create. I cut the wooden dowel into 18″ pieces, with my chop saw. I found this was a good size to cover the existing holes that were already in the cabinet. Here you can see I placed it on top to make sure the look was what I had envisioned.

I then took the pieces I had cut and laid them in a box to spray them black. I just sprayed one side, let it dry and rotated them until they were completely dry.

As those pieces were drying, I then laid out the pipe holders and screws to spray, I chose to spray these gold.

Once all the pieces were sprayed and dried, I took the cabinet upstairs to my sons room, and my husband helped me to drill the holes to put on the handles.

And that was it! I super simple and quick up-cycle of a small inexpensive dresser!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment here or message me over on Instagram @schoolsidedesign.

xo, Ashley


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