Girls Bedroom Makeover: ORC Fall 2020 Week 1

October 8, 2020

This is it! Week one of the ORC and my first go around with the One Room Challenge. I wish I had started this blogger thing a long time ago, because I have had a plentiful of projects that would fit the criteria of this challenge for each season! I guess for the times coming I will just have to enhance our current spaces, haha.

The One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual event where bloggers and Instagram influencers make over a space within an eight week period. For these season of the ORC I am making over my daughters room, which is the last of our kids rooms to be done and is in dire need.

We have two final rooms in our house that need to be completely made over, and her is one of them. When we moved in we simply placed the furniture in her room, and boxes in her closet and called it a day. In the last few months I did snag her an antique bed off of Facebook Marketplace, which is my favorite place to snag a deal, but that’s all that has changed! I am very excited for this challenge and to give her a space that will easily grow with her through the years.

If you have followed me on Instagram you’ve caught glimpses of her space (yikes), I showed you after I spray painted her bed and placed it in her room, but once I heard the ORC was on for the Fall I knew this was the perfect space for it.

Before Image

I have to say I am reluctant to even post this, but at the same time an image like this makes you value the after SO MUCH MORE!

The problem I have is organization, storage and an overall theme/look for her space.

Here is my ultimate goal for her room as a whole:

To me these goals seem very achievable, I think my biggest challenge will be my daughter, getting her to be consistent with clean up, hahaha. We have mastered the bed making so far, so hopefully putting toys away is next, I know wishful thinking!!

Its hard to even show this before, as its just so unkept and not put together at all! But, this is why we have a challenge, no one said this was going to be easy!

Final Design Plan

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my home has a strong coastal vibe, which I love and is the theme in my own space. However, when it came to the kids, I wanted it to reflect more of them.

For her, I wanted it to be feminine, girly with touch of whimsy/elegance. Her bed will stay the same, but the rest of the space will completely change.

When creating the design board, I couldn’t find an antique bedframe, so I stuck this one in as a substitute.

This board will progress over time, I am still narrowing down the fine details, but the overall look will remain the same. I LOVE it!

You need to follow along with all the progress here on my Instagram page @schoolsidedesign.

To kick of the first week I am working on some new (to me) antique dressers for her space, and have been documenting the process this whole past week. Here are the dressers when I first got them, hoping they look a heck of a lot better when I’m done (fingers crossed!).

In the coming weeks, you’ll see me add molding detail to her back wall, add a chandelier and wall sconces as well as complete a DIY on some basic nightstands I had purchased. Of course, there will be a ton of other items of DIY mixed in, but those are the bigger items!

ORC Extra’s

Each week not only will I be posting my progress and posts regarding the room, but you can also check out the featured designers as well as the guest participants . All categories will be great to gather inspiration for your own space!

Alright well enough of the chatting, I have a room to complete and only 6 weeks to get it done it!

Thanks for reading along and I hope you tune it to my progress over on Instagram!


8 responses to “Girls Bedroom Makeover: ORC Fall 2020 Week 1”

  1. Carol Burns says:

    I love the feel of this room, so feminine and classic but with whimsy! Could you share where the beautiful pink rug is from? Thank you!!

  2. I love your inspiration board! The molding and that rug = perfection! Excited to see how it comes together. And now I need to get started on my own space. 🙂

  3. Amie Druehl says:

    What a sweet little room this will be! Looking forward to following along!

  4. Sachi says:

    I love this board Ashley! I am looking forward to seeing that large pendant go up, obsessed with it!