ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: WEEK 3 (Lighting Selection)

October 22, 2020

Hello friends!  It’s week three of the One Room Challenge, and I’m excited to share the furniture selection for my daughter’s bedroom.  If you missed the first and second weeks (design plan, painting, and wallpaper), you can go check them out here and here.  Before we get into the progress for this space, please click here to check out the featured designers and guest participants for this challenge.

If you recall, this was my daughters space prior to the start of this challenge. The room has no overhead lights and the only way to turn lights on is by plugging the lights into an outlet on the other side of the room. I loath this so very much!

The placement of the furniture in her space worked, however I needed to change up

When I did my boys rooms over I added wall lamps on either side of their bed, and it made all the difference in the world for the brightness in their space.

When Crystorama reached out to collaborate, I knew this would be the perfect partnership as their lighting selection is above the rest.

For the side lights, I chose the Libby Langdon here is a link to the light. It is absolutely stunning, I love the soft gold color paired with the shades. It gave it a very soft feminine look, very elegant looking to me.

Click the image to shop

I thought having the double light on either side of her bed would compliment the picture frame molding that I had just installed.

I knew these side lights were a statement, but since she is my only daughter I wanted her room to stand out, be something she could grow into and that could grow with her as she grew.

Truthfully, I believe all little girls, pre-teen girls, teenagers and beyond should have a chandelier in their bedrooms. At some point in time I will have one myself!

When I saw the my Broche 6 Light Chandelier my jaw dropped, it was the absolute perfect piece to set her room apart from others.

Click the image to shop

Its feminine, elegant and something that will forever make a statement in her room. I feel so fortunate that I can make this space for her!

If you don’t recall this was the mood board I had created for her room, here you can see where I have place these gorgeous lights.

I hope this was helpful and that you gathered some lighting inspiration for a space you might be tackling soon!


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  1. Lighting is such an overlooked element…its amazing what a few fixtures can do to really make a space look amazing!