A Coastal Work Space

October 2, 2020

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions about the product are my own.

With all the craziness of 2020 and having to all be home working or school I needed to create a functional space for myself as well as my two boys. When given the opportunity to work with Rugs.com I knew it would be the perfect starting point for my new space.

We thankfully have a formal living room that really wasn’t used too much, and it was the perfect spot to build our much needed work space.

However, that space looked like this, yikes! I had a vision with my two favorite hutches and a rug I had picked out from rugs.com. Looking back I know I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work that needed to be done, but I knew it HAD to be done!

To start, I created a mood board, these are always tremendously helpful for me to really see how the space will come together and to see the different design elements. And man after pulling this all together was I happy!

I first needed to strip the white hutch and I went about it in a similar fashion as I did the one on the right in the above photo. I detailed all of that here in my post on “Refinishing the Arch Hutch”.

Once the hutch was finished I could better see the space I had for the size and depth of desk to build. I found that I could get a 66″ wide desk that was 21″ deep in that space, so we got to it and built a floating desk that would sit between my two hutches.

I was so excited to finally have my own desk space that I could sit at while trying to get through all the virtual learning days.

Next, I needed to style the rest of the space, I knew I needed a small coffee table, so that they kids could sit at and read or do some of their work. Even though they had a desk, I wanted other options for them to switch up their learnings.

I decided to build a dupe of the Serena and Lily downing table, I detailed it all in this post. Creating the table was easy, and it definitely helped the space.

The icing on the cake was definitely the rug I had received from Rugs.com. This rug most certainly pulled my entire look together, and grounded the whole space. The quality is incredible and the subtle style with the touches of grays and blues were 100% perfect for this space.

This is the rug that I used for my space, but almost all on their site are excellent!

I hope that you got some inspiration from this post, and can see a vision for a possible workspace in your own home!


2 responses to “A Coastal Work Space”

  1. Amie Druehl says:

    What a gorgeous and functional space! Love it!