Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples: Are they Worth it?

May 21, 2024

Choosing the right paint color can be challenging. Considering there are 100’s of variations of any one color. Many colors have undertones that can change the way a room can feel. Lighting can also have a major impact on how a color is perceived. But, I have the best solution to get over all the hurdles when choosing a paint color!

Samplize: What exactly is it?

Samplize offers standard paper sized PEEL AND STICK paint samples. They come right to your door OVERNIGHT! I mean who doesn’t love fast delivery when you get that project idea in your head? The best part of their product is the versatility. You can truly peel them and re-stick them anywhere throughout your space or home.

What Brands are Offered and are they ACTUALLY Accurate?

Samplize carries all the top brands, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball and PPG, so the amount of color choices is endless! Explore Colors from Top Brands HERE!

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But are they Accurate?!?

You bet! In fact, their products are made in the USA! They create each paint swatch using two coats of 100% real paint from the manufacturers. They also GUARANTEE color accuracy and the best part of all is there’s no mess, no paint brush to sample paint colors, NADA! You don’t even need to leave the house, just click order and they’re their NEXT DAY!

The samples are 9×14 in size and can be repositioned, multiple times. The best part is when you are done, you can simply put it back on the sheet and store them away for next time. Much better than 100’s of small sample cans hanging around!

How much are the samples?

Most of the SAMPLIZE samples cost $5.95. That’s it. They are currently offering an amazing deal where if you buy 8 you get 2 more FREE! Which you should TOTALLY take advantage of NOW!

This is so much better than buying the small paint sample cans, as those over time go bad. These sample swatches will never go bad and always stay true to their color!

They also offer bundle packages of different brands/colors. For example, you can order Benjamin Moore’s favorite living room color bundle! For those that may feel really intimidated in pulling a room together, this would be a great option!

How I Used Samplize!

Currently I am working to update my 3 season porch in my home. I am in the middle of replacing the flooring and redesigning the space to be more of a game room. I put in a shuffle board table, plans to build a large wall connect four and other fun things. With that, I thought it would be really fun to paint the ceiling a faint blue color.

Since this is a 3 season porch and more of a space for fun, why not add a pop of blue! However, blue’s might be one of the harder colors to choose since there are so many variations!

SAMPLIZE helped me narrow down my color selection. You can truly just sort by the color option you are looking for and they have 1000’s of colors to sift through!

Knowing what I was looking for a lighter blue, as that is more my speed when it comes to home decor. I choose 14 different colors, and they arrived NEXT DAY! I honestly can’t stress enough how that appeals to my impatient soul. LOL

How Did the Samples Look?

Once the samples arrived I immediately grabbed my favorites and stuck them to my porch ceiling. You can see how truly easy it is to peel and legit stick it anywhere!

Now that the paint samples were on my ceiling, and the fact that I had so many extra ones, I knew I needed to test them in my kitchen!

And being that they are PEEL AND STICK I was able to simply take the off the ceiling and put them back on their sheet and move them to my island!

The varying colors of blue look SO GOOD on the island, especially paired with the other blue accents in the room. I LOVE these SAMPLIZE samples, their size really gives you a true representation of the color and what it will actually look like!

Are there any Con’s of Samplize?

In my opinion NO! Honestly, the flexibility in being able to simply peel the paint samples off the walls, island, doors, windows really ANYWHERE, and use then again and again is worth it! The samples never go bad like the small paint cans do, and there is NO MESS! I mean as a DIY’er and a mom of three, any chance I can get where there is no mess is A WIN!

The Verdict: Samplize is Worth It!

I really hope you start to incorporate sampling paints this way, it really was such a game changer for me and now I have them to test on many other surfaces in my house! Especially now that they are running the buy 8 get 2 free offer!


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